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Welcome on Polish Angling Association (PAA) Region Nowy Sącz website. 

You can purchase electronic fishing licence on all our fisheries directly from: http://zezwolenia.pzwns.info.pl/index.php?krok=zezwolenie&lang=EN

Our organization provides fisheries on rivers and lakes (e.g. Dunajec River and tributaries) in South Poland. 

Map of our fisheries: Mapa wód Okręgu

Our best known fishery is no-kill flyfishing sector Dunajec Special Zone in Krościenko - Tylmanowa. Since 2018 year Dunajec Special Zone include also spinning and flyfishing sector near Gołkowice- Stary Sącz.

Dunajec Special Zone rules>>>

List of other fisheries and their rules>>>